Pancake di Emiliano… (con farina di farro)


Ecco un’altra delizia vacanziera! 🙂

Nel libro Emozioni Culinarie si legge . . . “Quant’è vero che l’apparenza inganna… e quanto è importante non fermarsi alle apparenze. Per fortuna sono una persona che va’ sempre oltre la prima impressione. Alcune volte ho sbagliato, mentre altre ho avuto modo di fare conoscenze meravigliose.  Alcune persone, infatti, a prima vista sembrano completamente diverse da come sono invece in realtà.” . . . “A prima vista non si direbbe che quel bel ragazzo con il capello lungo e la barba incolta, dai modi semplici e gentili, quasi riservati, fosse anche altro. Estroverso, eclettico, talentuoso, con quel pizzico di narcisismo ed egocentrismo che, uniti alla sua grande sensibilità, lo rendono unico ed è lui… Emiliano!  La musica è il suo mondo e lui è Musica!”

Ma vi chiederete . . . cosa c’entra con i pancake???

“Ci siamo ritrovati in una delle nostre serate dopo–coro a parlare di cibi stranieri e, fra le nostre colazioni preferite, oltre ai muffin, c’erano i pancake! Emiliano è un buongustaio, ma non è proprio un adepto della cucina. Siccome c’è sempre da imparare, sia dalle persone esperte dei fornelli sia da quelle che non lo sono, fu lui che mi diede lo spunto per un ottimo pancake. Ovviamente, anche in questo caso non era la prima volta che provavo a farli, ma la versione creata con Emiliano fu la più soddisfacente e quella che più si avvicinava all’originale.”

“I pancake, frittelle o, come dalla traduzione letterale del nome “torte da padella”, sono imparentate con la crêpe francese, con la tortilla spagnola, e con la frittella russa, ma non sono sottili bensì spessi circa 12–20 mm. Furono queste popolazioni, immigrate negli Stati Uniti, a farne il cibo dei pionieri del West. Questi ultimi li adottarono come principale alimento di una prima colazione soprattutto campagnola, boscaiola e montanara, ma pur sempre tipicamente americana.” . . . “I britannici e gli irlandesi li consumano tradizionalmente durante il martedì grasso, detto Pancake Tuesday o anche Shrove Tuesday.” 

Eccovi la ricetta in versione alternativa . . . che troverete nel libro insieme alla versione tradizionale a pagina 72:


250gr di farina di farro

200ml circa di latte vegetale

1 cucchiaio di olio vegetale

1 uovo

3 cucchiai di zucchero di canna integrale

mezza bustina di lievito per dolci

2 cucchiaini da caffè di cannella e/o vaniglia

Grazie Emiliano 🙂


Emiliano’s pancakes (with spelt flour)

Here’s another holiday treat! 🙂

In our book you can read . . . “Looks can be deceiving, that’s a truth, and it’s so important that we don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. Fortunately, I am a person who doesn’t stop at the first impression and always goes beyond, whether it’s a person or a book cover.  At times I’ve been wrong, but overall this has allowed me to make wonderful friends.  At a first glance some people seem completely different from who they really are and we can be fooled by a person’s appearance.”  –  “Our choirmaster, a handsome, sweet and gentle-mannered young man is not only an extremely talented musician, pianist, composer and singer, but he is also a good cook.  He is eclectic, a bit narcissistic and egocentric, but these characteristic, combined with his great sensitivity, make him a truly incredible person.  Music is his world and he IS music because when he performs, you don’t simply listen to him, he is also a pleasure to watch.”

You might be asking yourself why we connect him to pancakes???

“After our chorus lessons we all often talked about our travels to foreign countries and the music and cuisine of those places.  Emiliano, Tina and I discovered that one of the things we have in common is our love for breakfast… and our favourite breakfast is a plate full of pancakes covered in yummy syrup!  We shared pancake recipes, since the three of us were looking for the perfect pancake and had been experimenting, as usual.   He came up with a very good version so I elaborated on it and dedicate this to him.”

“Pancakes are related to the French crêpe, the Spanish tortilla and the Russian fritters which are about 12-20 mm high. The immigrants from these cultures brought these foods with them to the United States and they became a staple for the pioneers, evolving with time into what is today part of the typical American breakfast.  The British traditionally eat them on Shrove Tuesday, also called Pancake Tuesday, the holiday that represents the last day for celebration and feasting before the period of fasting required during the Lenten season. It is customary, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, to organize competitions on this day where the participants run with a pancake on a pan and try to flip it at least three times during the race. This tradition seems to have its roots in the 15th century where a legend says that a woman who was intent on preparing pancakes for the town feast, realized that the church bells were ringing to gather the followers for confession. As she realized that she was going to be late for mass, she decided to finish cooking her pancakes while running on her way to church with her apron still on. Pancakes are now also part of the Italian culture and are eaten for breakfast, brunch or snack.” 


Here is an alternative recipe to the one we included in our book:

Ingredients (for four people):

350 grams of self-rising flour

300 millilitres of milk

80 grams of melted butter

2 eggs

80 grams of sugar

2 tsps cinnamon and/or vanilla

  • Whole wheat version (for four people)

250 grams of whole wheat flour

200 millilitres of plant milk

1 tbsp of vegetable oil

1 egg

3 tbsps of cane sugar

8 grams of baking powder for desserts

2 tsps of cinnamon and/or vanilla


Thank you Emiliano 🙂


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